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DBF Converters' Shell

DBF Converters' ShellDBF Converters' Shell is a special program which helps you to study options and command line parameters of DBF Converters from WhiteTown Software.
It has a simple and clear interface.
It allows you to select necessary options, source files, an output file or folder and run the selected converter. If selected converter not found on your computer then this program will offer you to download it from Internet.

You can:

  • select source files
  • select an output folder or file
  • select a conversion direction
  • select necessary options
  • copy parameters to clipboard
  • run converters with selected parameters.


DBF Converters' Shell

Herunterladen DBF Converters' Shell

BeschreibungVersionLetzte AktualisierungGrosse
DBF Converters Shell1.0505.23.2010700Kb

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