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¤ CDBF - DBF Viewer and Editor
DBF Viewer/Editor, text-mode
DBF Viewer/Editor for Linux
DBF Viewer/Editor for DOS
DBF Viewer/Editor for iOS
DBF reanimator
DBF Script
CSV to DBF Converter
CSV to XLS Converter
XLS to DBF Converter
XLS to CSV Converter
DBF to CSV Converter
DBF to XLS Converter
DBF to MDB Converter
DBF to SQL Converter
DBF to XML Converter
DBF to DBF Converter
DBF to HTML Converter
MDB to DBF Converter
MDB to XLS Converter
MDB to CSV Converter
DBF to PDB Converter
PDB to DBF Converter
Excel Library
Access Recovery
Excel Recovery
Online Database Converter
DBF Converters' Shell
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Main features of CDBF

  • review and editing in Browse and Fields modes
  • append
  • insert
  • duplication of records
  • delete
  • pack (all, dbf only, memo only)
  • zap
  • truncate
  • create of database
  • modify structure
  • save and load structure
  • sorting
  • memo-field editing
  • export to other formats: Clipper, FoxPro, SQL, HTML, Excel, XML, CSV, TXT
  • print
  • insert to memo-field from file and append from memo-field from file
  • cut & paste for record
  • headers, aliases
  • copy of structure of database to clipboard as: AsIs, Clipper, FoxPro, SQL, HTML, XML
  • to mark on deleting, to remove and to invert a mark
  • search
  • search with replace
  • go to record
  • go to field
  • statistics
  • show/hide deleted records
  • filter
  • calculator
  • fill
  • relations
  • hexadecimal editor of the database's header.
  • wide choice of options
  • autodetect OEM/Ansi
  • refresh
  • append from
  • favourites
  • fixed fields
  • calculated fields
  • encryption
  • read-only mode
  • reverse mode
  • auto fill
  • operations with selected cells: cut, copy, paste, erase
  • operations with selected records: export, recall, delete, sum
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