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Convertitore di Archivi Online

Convertitore di Archivi OnlineOnline DataBase Converter allows you to convert your files from one format to another.

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There are following directions:

  • DBF to CSV (Comma-separated values)
  • DBF to SQL (SQL script)
  • DBF to XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  • DBF to HTML (HyperText Markup Language)
  • DBF to XLS (Excel database)
  • DBF to MDB (Access database)
  • DBF to PDB (Palm database)
  • DBF to DBF (another type/format of DBF files)
  • XLS (Excel database) to DBF
  • MDB (Access database) to DBF
  • CSV (Comma-separated values) to DBF
  • PDB (Palm database) to DBF
There are several benefits to use Online DataBase Converter:
  • You can convert your files from any Operational System
  • You can use it from any computer in any place
  • You can see the result in different formats and decide what is the most suitable for you
  • You do not need to purchase all converters to convert source files to different formats
  • It is not expensive
It is easy to use. There are only two steps:
  • Select a direction
    Upload a source file
    Enter your name, email and password (valid password allows you to convert more than 50 records)
  • Set necessary options to customize the output file.

If your file has a valid structure, if it is not corrupted then it will be converted on our server and after successfull conversion we will send you a download link to the output file.

Download Online Database Converter

DescrizioneVersioneUltimo aggiornamentoDimensioni
Online DataBase Converter1.0005.23.2010500Kb

Acquista Online Database Converter

2 conversions

~$1 per file
$2.75Compra ora
10 conversions

$0.75 per file
$7.5Compra ora
50 conversions

$0.30 per file
$15.00Compra ora
100 conversions

$0.25 per file
$25.00Compra ora
500 conversions

$0.10 per file
$50.00Compra ora

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Online Database Converter

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