CDBF saves hours again

I just wanted to let you know that CDBF has saved us an unknown number of hours and frustration again with a mail order manager problem. One of our MOM dbf's became corrupted which prevented us from accessing the program at all. After trying numerous recommended solutions to no avail, I had someone inside the company download a trial version of CDBF to give packing a shot. All they had to do was open the file since CDBF immediately found and fixed the corrupted header. And all was well again.
I am recommending that the company purchase a full copy of CDBF to keep around for the next issue we face in the future. Thanks again, for a wonderful product. The combination of CDBF and prayer has provided a numer of solutions we couldn't find anywhere else.


I don't know too many people that would need to transfer DBF files to Access but if I come across any I will certainly recommend they buy your product. I just downloaded version 1.5 as I originally tested 1.4. This is powerful - I just converted 225K records in just a very short time. Well worth the $24.95 price.


Just to let you know .. that worked great! .. that's a great program!! .. I've spent hours & hours trying to figure out how to convert my databases from Q&A to Access TO NO AVAIL! .. in minutes I had my personnel database converted over!! .. thank you for a truly great program!! .. I would highly recommend it to anyone with such a need.
Thanks for the great tech support also.


Just a quick note to say how much I have come to appreciate CDBF. I registered back in 2002 solely for the purpose of viewing .dbf files but have recently had the need to analyze data contained in .dbf files. The sorting and filtering capabilities of CDBF along with it's capability to save filtered data in Excel format have made analysis and manipulation of data much easier than expected. Thank you so much a producing a product that has turned a formidable task into a pleasant one.
Best regards,
Brian Fluet

If there is a way to simply open the dbf file in reverse mode?

You know what? I'm realy impressed... I never thought you will react that fast. To be honest I though I do have to live with the problem. It's amazing to see the kind of service you have with small business. Thank you very much, your software is growing the right way I believe. Again, thanks you, it's work exactly the way I was looking for. So far so good.

I just wanted to compliment you on CDBF.

It is so much better than everything else I tried (including the latest versions of FoxPro, Paradox and Visual dBASE). It totally blows away DBFView and I was so impressed by it that we purchased 3 CD's.
The basic editing features are much easier to use than FoxPro (particularly with the Home and End keys when editing cells the End key doesn't get stuck as it does in FoxPro). It also supports Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End (which FoxPro doesn't). Your defaults regarding file locking and code pages are also more intelligently defined than FoxPro. I don't have to worry about messing up the structure of my xBase III tables when I restructure a table - unlike Visual dBASE which tries to upgrade the file format! It's also nice that when I click on a dbf file that it loads it into the editor - unlike FoxPro which tries to load the database as a program and causes an error!

You guys seem to understand the needs of developers, MIS, and administrators far better than the competition. Thanks for an excellent product!

I'd like to say *thank you*

for developing such a nice set of xBase utilities during the last ~10 years. Since I always had a huge lot of programs and tools for dealing with such files (from expensive commercial to free and self-written ones) I never had the need to switch to your shareware solutions. Nevertheless, I constantly had an eye on your websites to see if something new or interesting was appearing. If asked for good xBase tools I usually pointed people to your programs. But I doubt that you got many (if any) registrations from that. Your DOS version peeked when most people switched to Windows without ever looking back. What a good team could CDBF and the new (unfortunately never finished) Volkov Commander version have been, if released together just about 5 years earlier... :-(

And nowadays, xBase files themselves only can be found in niches. Therefore, your Windows version of CDBF also won't be a "killer application". Your free Lister plugin for Total Commander, OTOH, seems to spread considerably. I, too, use it since you first put it on the Web. - And like it very much!

With my present purchase I'd mostly like to thank you for your efforts in general. I doubt that I will use any of that tools on a regular basis. But CDBFLite may come handy for a little batch job now and then...
B. Rose