CDBFlite - multiplaform console DBF Viewer and Editor

CDBFlite - multiplaform console DBF Viewer and Editor

CDBFLITE lets you work on DBF files from the command line. You can perform various operations without being in batch mode.

The program is a powerful and multi-featured command line DBF viewer and editor. It is similar in some ways to SQL. Though the command-line syntax differs, the principles are the same.


  • SELECT * FROM somefile.dbf
    CDBFlite somefile.dbf /select:*
  • UPDATE somefile.dbf SET name="John",age=30 where id=1000
    CDBFlite somefile.dbf /filter:id=1000 /field:name="John",age=30 /update
  • DELETE * FROM somefile.dbf WHERE age>50
    CDBFlite somefile.dbf /filter:age>50 /delete:all /clear /pack

CDBFlite supports all types of existing fields, including memo fields.
CDBFlite can be used on a web server.

cdbflite < filename.dbf | pattern > < parameter | @filename.lst | +filename.dbf >

filename.dbf - the name of .dbf-file, is necessary. With this file will make defined actions. Instead of a file name is allowed a pattern.

CDBFlite requires one or more parameters also. You can place parameters into file and call CDBFlite as: cdbflite filename.dbf @yourfile

Commands in the file must be written as one command at the one line. All blank lines, and lines beginning with ';' are ignored. The file can contain the references to other files.

You can create the cdbflite.ini file and write to it any commands. They will be executed each time up to all commands. You can set commands such as ansi/oem, case, del...

If parameter has a kind "+filename.dbf", CDBFlite carries out operation APPEND FROM.

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Version: 1.40, updated: 2018-01-01, Operational system: Windows OS X, iOS Linux DOS

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CDBFlite - multiplaform console DBF Viewer and Editor

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